Porchetta Sandwich
Shaved Porchetta, ahogada sauce, and avocado with pickled vegetables

Pork Milanesa Sandwich
Fried pork cutlet and pork ragu with mozzarella

Fried Chicken Sandwich
Cornflake Crusted fried chicken with adobo sauce, sweet chili slaw, and fried jalapeno

P.S. It’s a Burger
Burger patty with sweet onion jam, extra sharp cheddar, blistered cherry tomato, with crispy onion

Fried Cod Sandwich
Fried cod with caper-peppercorn aioli, arugula and lemon

Hot Beef Sandwich
Shaved Italian beef, jalapeno cheese sauce, and crispy onion

The P.L.T.
Shaved Porchetta, shredded lettuce, tomato and oil & vinegar

Porchetta Taco
Taco filled with porchetta topped with roasted guajillo chili sauce / salsa bandera

Shack Snacks

Seasoned Bacon Strips
served with cheese dip

Spiced Candied Nuts
kitchen-scratch bar nuts (peanuts & cashews)